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Hyundai Creta’s Extended Features Gives it a Sporty Look, Read the Difference

Hyundai is the second-largest automaker in India and offers a broad selection of models in their range. Hyundai has gained popularity with Indian customers due to its feature-packed and thriving appearance models. This year, one of the latest models that Hyundai introduced in India included the Creta.

The new generation Creta quickly became a hit on the market and is the most frequently seen vehicle in the streets. Creta is always a highly regarded car in this segment, and the most recent generation was no exception. There are numerous modifications and accessories available to the Creta, and here is an updated all-new Creta that is a slick look.

The vehicle is different from the standard version, and the changes made to the SUV have turned it into a more sporty-looking car.

It appears to be it’s a lower-trim model with the projector headlamp, as well as stylish split boomerang-shaped LED lights. It seems like the light has been changed to the LED unit. Lower trims don’t have fog lamps, so only turn indicators are visible on the bottom of the bumper. The lower trims’ front grille is different from those on the upper trims. The black and silver-colored grille is painted with gloss black. The grille is also painted with their Hyundai emblem, which creates a sporty appearance.

All Chrome elements are removed or blacked out. When they are under the bumper, it has the silver fake skidplate. It’s concise and does not show the entire change in depth. When we look at the side profile, the main change you will notice here is the silver-colored multi-spoke alloy wheels. The thick cladding across the vehicle’s body has been painted gloss black.

The silver-colored lighting arch that is located in the C pillar is kept, and an additional roof rail has been put in place on it. The tail lamps that came with the Creta have been given a smoke effect to the rear. The Hyundai logo, as well as the light bar that is on the boot, have been removed.

The Creta logo has been kept in the rear of the vehicle. Similar to the front bumper rear bumper, the rear also has two-tone accents.

In addition, the car has not seen any significant changes or been noticed on the car. We have heard the sound of a sporty exhaust within the clip; we’re not sure if the owner has changed the exhaust system or if it is simply a sound effect.
Hyundai Creta is available with three engine choices. It has a 1.5 Liter natural aspirated gasoline engine that can produce the equivalent of 115 PS as well as 144 Nm of torque.

It is available with CVT and a manual gearbox option. The 1.5-milliliter diesel engine can produce 250 Nm and 115 PS of maximum torque.

It comes with a manual or automatic gearbox with six speeds.

This 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine is the loudest out of all. It has the highest output of 140PS and 242 Nm.
It comes with a seven-speed DCT gearbox choice. Hyundai is also working on a seven-seater model of this SUV, which will compete with vehicles like those of the MG Hector Plus, Mahindra XUV500 and the forthcoming Tata Safari.

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