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10 Benefits You Can Avail During 10-day ‘Smart Care Clinic’ Campaign

  • Hyundai customers can visit the nearest workshop between the 11th and 20th of December to take advantage of discounts offered by the promotion.
  • The move is an opportunity to celebrate the company’s 25th year in India.

Hyundai Motor India has announced a 10-day, nationwide Hyundai Smart Care Clinic customer connect program that offers regular maintenance, sanitization, roadside assistance (RSA), special offers at the end of the year, and other benefits for customers. 

This initiative can mark the anniversary of 25 years of operation in India.

Through this program, the automaker hopes to educate customers about how regular maintenance can help the vehicle to provide more efficient and cleaner driving.

After celebrating 25 years of operations within India, Hyundai India also released its ten millionth vehicle from its manufacturing facility in India. “To continue this celebration we are pleased to present a variety of benefits we offer our loyal customers. Hyundai Motor India is a brand that is focused on its customers with unbeatable after-sales services for its customers, keeping the environment at its heart,” said Tarun Garg, director of Hyundai’s Sales Marketing & Service.

Hyundai also offers 360deg digital and contact-less solutions for booking online service and vehicle status updates. Picking up and dropping off from the office or home, and online payment facilities Customers can also avail the benefits of contact-free services. Customers can also use Hyundai Chatbot to find new vehicles, schedule test drives, make reservations, or schedule services for their cars.

Hyundai is a company with a network of 1360 shops across the country. It aims to provide customers with an affordable and competitive range of services such as an extended warranty and the Shield of Trust & Roadside Assistance program.

Hyundai customers can visit their local workshop between November 11 and December 20 to take advantage of offers like a 10 percent discount on mechanical parts, as high as 20% savings on mechanical labor, 20 percent discount on sanitization as well, a year-long RSA. Other advantages include free engine oil and filter oil for the 1,000 lucky customers during the following service.

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